• Keonna Shaw

Understanding My Aha! Moments and Lessons Learned

In October, I shared with you my determination to not give up on God and my destiny. (Read I Will Not Quit Blog) Today, I want to share some of my Aha! Moments and the Lessons I Learned.

During my valley moment process, I had been giving myself pep talks. "Keonna you can do this, keep going. I could hear God telling me to rest, take it slow. It's my assignment anyway. You're the vessel.

Transparent moment: I didn't want to hear Rest, I wanted it to be complete. I wanted to be able to say by September 30, 2019. I AM A FINISHER.

Lesson Learned: I had to take the "I" out of the equation and make sure my focus is GOD. Is God pleased? Am I obedient?

God gets the Glory in ALL that he does through ME.

I am incredibly grateful for the blessing; deep down, I felt disqualified to continue going forward with what God had given me. It didn't look the way I envisioned. Honestly, I was looking at perfection. And let me tell you, you can't efficiently walk-in Purpose trying to make every single thing Perfect. It takes the focus off of what Jesus is trying to do through you, your life, your trials to show others vs. how you want to appear.

We all need a REMINDER, A WAKE-UP CALL, to not abandon the assignment but be obedient in resting. For me, resting requires me to work on my God-given assignment as my body allows right now. As humans, we feel the need to stay busy and accomplish so many goals by the end of the third or fourth quarter. But we can be busy as a bee and not productive nor effective.

Let me let you in on this secret: Resting doesn't disqualify you of the call nor the anointing that's on your life! Not completing the assignment by the deadline you wrote down doesn't change Jesus's love for you! God still loves you, and he has not forgotten about you.

A-ha Moment: While writing, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, what I have given you, I will complete. Step out of your way- Be Still, Be Obedient, my timing, not yours.

Life throws us many unexpected curve balls! But my prayer for you today is that you keep swinging! It's ok to get knocked down because life happens - but don't stay there!

If this was an on-time word, repeat this prayer below:

Dear God: Breathe life into me, blow a fresh wind of your healing power. Renew my mind and my thoughts. Set a fire down in my soul to continuously hunger and thirst after you, Oh God, and don't let it die. If and when my fire gets low, I pray that you send my sister or brother in Christ as a Wake-up Call to Get Back Up and Keep Swinging. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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